A camera and a person are different, but when they are put together, an image is made, such as two Oxygen and one Hydrogen atoms bond as water. My art, put simply, examines the simultaneity of the singular and the group.

In my creative endeavors, as well as personal outlook, I am fascinated by the expansion of self; the ebb and flow of individuality and community among human and non-human collaborators. My work of recent has reached out to realms which extend a sense of self to a multiplicity of perspectives, such as in the fluidity of light, and expressions of camera vision. Seeing multi-dimensionally, in my mind, is the way of the future, or at the very least, how I would love the world to be. “Hive Sight” and its implications are currently at the core of my interests, out of which come object and spatial creation. As such, my practice is a collaborative one. At times, I work with people, at times with devices or organic material. Through a shared creative experience, I try to dive deeper into making, as well as an aggregate outlook on life.

I consider all aspects of my work as parts of one body, including this website, which was designed and coded by me.

Instagram: @danamelaver